Friday, April 24, 2015

Convergence: Hawkman #1 (of 2)

   OK, I admit that I said I was going to avoid the Convergence series (something most fans are apparently doing, according to reports).

   What makes it difficult is the inclusion of classic versions of characters I love - and here we have "my" Hawkman and Hawkwoman - the Thanagarian police officers visiting Earth to learn about police techniques - but that still wasn't enough to get me to buy this issue.

   What sold me on it was the artist. Tim Truman has been a favorite of mine since his days on Scout and Grimjack - and Hawkworld, of course.

   This issue actually takes us back to the time of the Shadow War, with the Hawks trying to protect the Earth from a secret attack by their home planet Thanagar.

   With a sharp script by Jeff Parker, this issue (wisely) avoids most of the Convergence trappings, and focuses on a plot by the Thanagarians to build a special weapon.

   As always, the art is terrific - Truman's art has a powerful, kinetic and earthy look to it - part Joe Kubert, part Ralph Reese, and all original. Wonderful stuff!

   I still think the idea behind this event is dopey - but if it brings us more Truman art, it's hard to be too upset.

   So apparently I'm buying one Convergence book after all.

Grade: A-



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Mr. Brooks said...

Jeff Parker easily ranks with Dwayne McDuffie, Roger Stern, and Mark Waid. All four writers have one great common denominator...they write for the characters not for the gimmicks.

I LOVED Parker's run on AQUAMAN! And can not wait for his take on The Marvel Family. When I read his stuff it reminds me (quite fondly) that "having adventures" and "fun" are still DAMN IMPORTANT to the world of super-hero comics.