Sunday, April 5, 2015

Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 (of 3)

   OK, I admit, I was going to pass on this series. 

   I fear Ultron / Avengers burnout, and with the movie just a few weeks away, I wanted to save all that energy for the much-anticipated movie.

   But then I saw that the art was by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. That sold me on this issue.

   And I’m glad it did, although the story seems to be treading on well-worn ground. It gathers together a time-tossed team of Avengers into the future to face the impossible challenge: Ultron has conquered the Earth and has an unstoppable army working for him.

   So how can this team hope to win? And what’s the secret behind the familiar face who brings the team through time?

   I like the odd team-ups, and surprising versions of the heroes are included. The story also takes some shocking turns.

   But best of all is the artwork - just bursting with energy, stunning character designs, and powerful layouts.

   So this ended up being much better than I expected. Nice to be wrong sometimes!

Grade: A-


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