Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Classics - The Golden Age

   I've been giving writer James Robinson a rough time for his recent work on the Fantastic Four, but there are plenty of examples of excellent work on his part.

   One of my favorites was the DC limited series The Golden Age.

   Taking advantage of its Prestige format (and collected afterwards into the handy edition pictured here), the story is set in the period of time between the end of World War II and the early 1950s.

   It's a time of struggle for the heroes and villains from that time period, including most of the All-Star Squadron (or the Justice Society of America, if you prefer).

   Many of them have lost their way and they struggle to find a new purpose. Others are haunted by their war experiences - and some will never be the same.

   It's a complex, adult story (in the best sense of the word) - as heroes like Hourman, Manhunter, Starman, Green Lantern and Johnny Quick try to overcome their own demons. The story nicely weaves their stories together and wraps up in an intense battle that will decide the future of the nation.

   And, oh, that last page!

   I would be remiss if I failed to mention the wonderful artwork by the legendary Paul Smith, who brings these characters out of the world of four-color cartoons and into an intense, incredible story.

   The story isn't for everyone - there's adult language and some intense sequences and imagery - but it manages that true rarity in comics: a serious, adult story that's both moving, thoughtful and uplifting.

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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Great choice! Great book!