Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Princess Leia #1

   Star Wars always shows up in threes (eventually).

   Following the smash hit comic Star Wars (now back in the Marvel stable where it started) and Darth Vader, we have a solo title dedicated to the toughest Disney Princess of 'em all, Princess Leia.

   The creative team is top notch all the way - writer Mark Waid is one of the best in the business, and artist Terry and Rachel Dodson have a wonderful, classic heroic style.

   So it's a little surprising that this first issue is just... ok.

   Perhaps I was expecting too much - this issue has to wrap up business from the first (original / "A New Hope") Star Wars movie and set Leia on her own path for adventure - so there's a bit of business that must be dealt with.

   The new mission for Leia involves the survivors of her home planet, Alderaan (which was destroyed by the Death Star, natch), as she sets out to fulfill her responsibilities as the last member of the Royal Family.

   It's not a bad issue at all - the art is terrific and the story has a lot of potential - but it takes a while to get into gear.

   Leia manages to be tough but feminine, heroic but sympathetic. It's not an easy balance to manage, but the team has built a strong foundation for the future of her "long ago" adventures.

Grade: A-



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