Friday, March 6, 2015

Guest Review - Prince Valiant #1

   Continuing our Guest Review week, my pal Glen Davis is back with a comic based on the star of the greatest comic strip ever - Prince Valiant:

    For some reason, Dynamite Comics decided to include Prince Valiant with the rest of the heroes in their Kings' Comics line-up. 

   A bit of an odd choice, considering that the strip is set hundreds of years ago, but Valiant remains one of the very few remaining popular adventure strips still active in the newspapers.

   The issue starts in a cave, with tales being told about a young Prince Valiant (then a squire to Sir Gawain) getting captured by Vikings, then ransomed by Sir Gawain, and getting thrown out of King Arthur's Round Table because he could not resist the lure of adventure.

   The ending is a bit somber.

   As first issues go, this one gave me no clue of where the series, or the character is going, and really no reason to buy the next issue. I certainly hope next issue is better.

Grade: C+ 


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