Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Guest Review - Jungle Jim #2

   Hey, it's Guest Review time - and my pal Glen Davis is here with a look at one of the King titles (as in King Features).

   Today, it's back to nature with Jungle Jim:

   This second issue of Jungle Jim changes genre, from the horror-based first issue into a dime novel adventure.

   After he puts some clothes on, Jungle Jim explains his origin and shows us his personality, He seems to be something of a cross of James Robinson's version of Congo Bill, with a lot of Commander McBragg and some Harry Flashman thrown in for good measure.

   The story itself is very much like a dime novel adventure, nearly free of irony. There's sneaking about, explosions, fisticuffs, everything but a steam-powered Edisonade device, and I'm not so sure that one isn't coming later.

   The art, though, is a concern. Even with the simplified art, there are notable differences between each of the three artists who drew the book. At first, I wasn't so sure it wasn't some kind of meta device, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

    All in all, a satisfactory book, but it needs more consistent art.

Grade: B+


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