Saturday, March 14, 2015

Guardians Team-Up #2

   After a strong start to this series, this issue, frankly, falls on its face.

   First of all, no Art Adams artwork.

   Since he drew the first issue, it was reasonable to expect he was drawing the opening story arc - but no such luck.

   The art by Stephen Roux and Jay Leisten isn't bad at all - it only suffers in comparison to Adams.

   But the story is equally weak, which is surprising, since it's written by the usually-reliable Brian Michael Bendis.

   The first issue of Guardians Team-Up featured the Guardians of the Galaxy crash-landing on Earth, where they were confronted by the Avengers.

   A familiar villain pops up to kidnap a member of the team, and this issue is all about the rescue.

   Sadly, there's not a surprise to be found in here (outside of a few funny lines here and there). It all plays out according to the book, and we never really understand why the kidnapping happened in the first place - the explanation we're given doesn't make any sense at all.

   So, a rough start for this new series - two issues in, and it's only batting .500.

Grade: C+


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Peter Wallace said...

Agree. A huge disappointment. Why couldn't Adams have done the first two issues? The first one wasn't even inked!