Tuesday, March 3, 2015

George Perez's Sirens #3 (of 6)

   I have to admit, I was surprised by this issue of George Perez's Sirens.

   The series seemed to be shaping up as a traditional (if crowded) super-hero team - this one made up of a small army of beautiful women, each one with a different ability.

   This issue starts as a battle royal - one the Sirens seem to have no hope of winning.

   Then suddenly - the series goes meta. We get to see Perez's wonderful, complex artwork sitting side-by-side with his artwork as it was in the mid-'80s.

   Then the story gets even stranger, and we're left to wonder the nature of reality.

   The series so far has felt... well, full, both in terms of the art, and in terms of the story, which is awash with characters and powers and villains and science fiction concepts.

   But the beauty of it is, you really get your money's worth. Perez packs more in each issue than any three issues from most companies.

   With beautiful, striking art, and a surprising turn for the story, this is a series that lives up to Perez's hard-earned reputation for top-notch work.

Grade: A-



Jonathan Sokolowski said...

hey man, i was hoping you could help me try to understand this issue. I was super confused at the part where it seems like were reading a comic, within a comicbook. Can you please try to explain that part to me, and how it pertains to the story..... i love the art, but the story has me feeling like an idiot lol

Chuck said...

Jonathan, I'll have to dig that issue out and review it - I remember that it got pretty deep, messing with the concept of reality - give me a few days and I'll see if I can help.