Friday, February 20, 2015

Uncanny X-Men #31

   What a cop-out.

   As near as I can tell, writer Brian Michael Bendis arrived at this issue of Uncanny X-Men and realized he had painted himself into a corner - so he cheated.

   Which is to say, he used a lame, underhanded trick to fix the unfixable problem.

   Oh, it wasn't Deux Ex Machina (where God shows up and fixes it all), and it wasn't a dream or an imaginary story - but neither one of those guesses is far from the mark.

   The Chris Bachalo art is remarkably good, especially considering its covered by seven different inkers, but it can't make up for the bitter taste of the story.

   On the plus side, the ending of the story changes the status quo for this series, and it'll be interesting to see where it goes from here.


   (Oh, and that cover? That doesn't happen anywhere in this issue. Just thought you should know.)

Grade: C


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