Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thor #5

   I was buying into the whole "female Thor" idea there for a while - it was fresh, it was different, and it had potential.

   But now, with the fifth issue, the whole thing just kind of fell apart.

   That's because it has devolved into what's known as an "idiot plot" - where everyone has to act like an idiot for the story to work.

   So we have Odin vowing to destroy this new Thor, despite assurances of her worth by his wife Freya and his own son, the god formerly known as Thor (now apparently going by Odinson, about which I can only say, bleh).

   In other words, Odin is now a villain - and to prove it, he's working with his brother Cul the Serpent, who managed to kill Thor a few years back.

   Meanwhile the mystery continues as to the identity of the new Thor. And worst of all, she faces off against the Absorbing Man (here filling the role of the despicable male chauvinist pig) and his wife Titania (who usually relishes such battles) in what is easily the dumbest fight in recent comics history (ending on a particularly mean-spirited note).

   And why did Thor give away his name to her? No reason. I can understand him agreeing that she's worthy of wielding Mjolnir, but I don't believe for a second that he'd give away his name like that. Doesn't she have a name of her own? If not, can't she make up one?

   Ah well. I want to like the series - I like the art a lot - but the writing is uneven. The only thing to recommend it is the enthusiasm of the new Thor for her new... Thor-ness... but that's not enough to carry a series.

Grade: B-


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