Tuesday, February 24, 2015

She-Hulk #12

   With this issue, we sadly reach the end of this seres starring the She-Hulk.

   And I'm sorry to see it go, because this has probably been the character's best run since John Byrne's version.

   In the series, writer Charles Soule has focused more on She-Hulk the crusading lawyer, while allowing plenty of room for super-hero action.

   It also gave her a much-needed supporting cast, including one of my sentimental favorites, Hellcat (Patsy Walker).

    Best of all, the stories were fast and fun, with surprising twists. This issue is a good example, as She-Hulk and her friends face an unexpected opponent who may - or may not - be a bad guy.

   The art by Javier Pulido is a bit out of the ordinary for super-hero action - but it's fresh and attractive, and I like it a lot.

   Hopefully this won't be the last attempt to bring the She-Hulk to her own series. A series about a brilliant, sexy, incredibly powerful woman who happens to be green? Surely there must be a creative team out there who can make that work.

Grade: A-


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