Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Avengers #30

   Marvel Comics has a long of history of "cosmic" stories - some on a more personal basis, such as Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) becoming cosmically aware, and some dealing with world-destroying menaces like Galactus.

   But I don't think we've ever seen a cosmic threat quite as all-encompassing as the one that's counting down in the ongoing "Time Runs Out" story unfolding in the New Avengers and The Avengers.

   That's because the threat of destruction hangs over not just the Earth, not just our universe, but every alternate reality in existence.

   Something is doing away with or destroying all the alternate universes - and this issue may provide the answer to the mystery.

   One of the original Avengers goes on a mission to find the reason behind the destruction of universes - and what he discovers may show that there's no hope of stopping the destruction.

   This is an epic story that just keeps getting bigger and bolder, as the new mythology being built by writer Jonathan Hickman grows.

   It's an impressive tapestry, and it's all building to the new Secret Wars in two months.

   In the hands of a lesser writer, I'd worry about how this is all going to affect (read: damage) the Marvel Universe.

   But since this is Hickman's creation, I'm happy to hang on for the long haul!

Grade: A


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