Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lady Mechanika #4

   Hey, look - it's Lady Mechanika!

   The series debuted - I dunno, years ago (OK, it was 2010) - and after long gaps between each issue, was last seen in December 2011.

   It enjoyed strong sales, largely on the strength of the terrific, lush, steampunk-inspired art by Joe Benitez.

   The series has finally returned, courtesy of Benitez's own publishing company, and promises monthly publication.

   The new company started by reprinting the early issues (#0, 1, 2 and 3), and now continues with the never-before-printed issues #4 and 5, and then will continue with a new adventure.

   As with previous issues, the story is difficult to sort out - there are quite a few characters infiltrating a flying fortress - and considering that it's supposed to be impenetrable, lots of people manage to sneak on board.

   But it's all just an excuse for page after page of lovely stunning artwork - and that's the best reason to pick up this series.

Grade: B


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