Monday, February 2, 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #7

   One of the (not so) secret reasons for the success of Doctor Who is the character's amazing gallery of villains - and one of the more compelling of the modern additions to that list is the Weeping Angels.

   They look like statues of angels who are hiding their eyes, but they're actually assassins who moves at amazing speed - but only when you're not looking.

   So the key phrase from their origin episode was: Don't Blink.

   And they don't kill their victims - they relocate them through time, so the victims often die - eventually - of old age.

   The Doctor who introduced the characters on the screen (in one of the best episodes of the series, despite the fact that the Doctor himself played only the smallest part in it) stars in this version of the comics series - the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

   This adventure is set during World War I, a prime setting for soldiers to disappear mysteriously - and that's what happens, as the doctor and his assistant, a beautiful artist named Gabby, run into the latest incident / attack by the Angels.

   It's a fun (though grim) story, and writer Robbie Morrison and artist Dsniel Indro do a good job of capturing the manic energy of #10.

   It's great to see these characters back in action again!

Grade: B+



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