Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Legendary Star-Lord #7

   Star-Lord is obviously the luckiest guy in the galaxy.

   Not only did he star in last year's biggest movie, not only does he star in the team comic Guardians of the Galaxy, not only does he have his own comic - but he also has Kitty Pryde for a girlfriend!

   Of course, he's not so lucky as this issue begins - he's been captured (which seems to happen to him a lot) by the galactic crime lord Mister Knife - whose identity is already uncovered.

   But Kitty, who had been on a virtual date with our hero (via hologram) when Star-Lord is captured, rushes to the rescue. But can she arrive to prevent the ultimate theft?

   It's a fun, fast-paced issue, with solid story and art.

   This series is holding up well, giving us a look at the "real" Star-Lord, and the budding romance that link the Guardians to the X-Men. Isn't that convenient?

Grade: B+


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