Monday, January 5, 2015

Eternal Warrior:: Days of Steel #3

   I've always liked the idea of the Eternal Warrior - the hero who's been fighting throughout the history of mankind.

   That concept lends itself to an infinite variety of story possibilities - and this series proves the point.

   The Magyars are attacking the Franks (I think this is circa 800 AD), and Gilad is given the task of protecting the child who will lead the Franks to victory.

   But when our hero arrives, he finds there are two children - one healthy and the other sickly. He's instructed to rescue the sickly child, but he's torn by doubt - can this child grow to be a leader? Is he protecting the wrong child?

   The story by Peter Milligan takes us in unexpected directions and makes interesting use of time - and the fact that it doesn't affect our hero.

   The art by Cary Nord is excellent, with lots of raw, brutal action and great character designs.

   This isn't a series for kids - it's violent and raw - but older readers will enjoy the unique take on heroism and history.

Grade: A-



El Vox said...

Marvel's Agent Carter premieres tonight on TV, just thought I'd remind anyone interested.

Chuck said...

Thanks! I plan to review it ASAP (my friends are raving about it).