Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Damsels in Excess #4 (of 5)

   You have to admire this series for its attempts to lock into the ongoing mania for Princesses (especially the Disney variety).

   Damsels in Excess is working in its own (non-Disney) world, following the adventures of I'm-not-exactly-sure-how-many princesses. Some are good, some are evil.

   It's all done in a storybook, anime-influenced style courtesy of artist Mirka Andolfo.

   I have to admit that I struggled following the story - there are wars heating up, allies to confront, foes to deal with and a few flashbacks for good measure.

   It would be tough to jump in at this point - it might be best to wait for the collection.

   It's an entertaining visit to a world of magic and fantasy - with the oddest collection of Princesses around.

Grade: B-


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