Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ant-Man #1

   I was really expecting to like this comic.

   The original Ant-Man, amazingly enough, predates my comics buying - just barely (we're talking a month or two).

   By the time I started following his adventures in late 1963, he (Hank Pym) had become Giant-Man, ditching the cool stainless steel helmet along the way.

   The Ant-Man persona made some return appearances along the way, but eventually Pym turned it over to young thief / electronics expert Scott Lang, who became the new Ant-Man in 1979.

   Over the years since, the character has moved on and off stage, been replaced by yet another pretender (who's now offstage, apparently) - so now the job is back in Lang's court.

   I've always liked the character, and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming movie - and now he's back in his own comic book.

   But the issue is, I'm sorry to say - pretty slow.

   It's all about introducing the hero, his attempts to establish a normal life, and his (somewhat broken) family (nice to see his daughter is somehow back from the dead - though I have no idea how that happened).

   Nick Spencer's story includes some nice interplay with Lang and Tony Stark, some solid character beats - but almost nothing happens in terms of conflict or action or resolution. It does introduce the character, but for a first issue, "let's get the attention of the fans" effort, it falls way short.

   The art by Ramon Rosamas is quite good, but he's not given much to do here - the issue is mostly talking heads.

   I was hoping for a lot more here. Hopefully it'll pick up a bit next issue.

Grade: B


   Oh, and in case you missed it, here's the teaser trailer for the Ant-Man movie:




Anonymous said...

Chuck - Did you like Kirkman's Ant-Man series? I thought it was nontraditional, but an interesting take on the character...

Chuck said...

Anon, I liked it for the humor, and I thought there were some interesting story beats in there, but overall I thought it was just ok. I was hoping for better from this series.