Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1

   We're rapidly approaching the end of the year when I pick my favorite comics for 2014 - but don't be surprised when you see this issue in the top 10 (heck, it may be #1)!

   In The Multiversity, writer Grant Morrison has been exploring the potential in DC's 52 (count 'em, 52) alternate universes, and the adventures so far have been mostly serious, deep and dark affairs.

   But with Thunderworld Adventures, he rips off the pretension of modern comics and offers up an adventure that is imaginative, exciting and just plain fun.

   Here we find the classic Captain Marvel (that's right, he goes by his proper name, not "Shazam"). It's the hero as he should be - updated into a modern superhero, tackling an overpowering menace with intelligence and humor.

   The issue begins with the wizard Shazam under attack by the evil scientist Sivana, who has joined forces with an army of familiar-looking villains. Toss in a super-powered Sivana family, the Marvel family, lots of villains and a threat to reality (plus some fun with time travel) and you get a fresh, fantastic story.

   Add in the powerful and fresh art by Cameron Stewart, and you have a captivating, not-to-be-missed comic.

   Stacked on the shelf alongside the usual tomes of grim and gruesome antics, it's like a blast of fresh air - a fun, hope-filled adventure starring honest-to-goodness heroes.

   Why can't this be a monthly title? The comics industry - and each fan - needs this in the worst way.

Grade: A


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Glen Davis said...

The thing is, Fawcett (Earth S, Earth 5, whatever you want to call it) has so many great characters: Spy Smasher, The Bullets, Minute Man, Golden Arrow, The Phantom Eagle, etc., they ought to have their own imprint.