Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shadow Show #2

   Fans often refer to the classic "A-B-C's" of science fiction - meaning the authors "Asimov - Bradbury - Clarke."

   All three were groundbreaking giants of the industry and they (and many more) deserve much more credit than they typically receive.

   That's why I'm glad to see this series from IDW. Shadow Show features comic adaptations of stories written to honor the memory of (and work by) Ray Bradbury.

   This issue features two stories - the first written by Neil Gaiman and adapted by writer Mort Castle and artist Maria Frohlich. It feels like a story by Bradbury, with its evocative imagery and heart-rending depiction of a man who is losing touch with the world.

   It includes touchstones to numerous stories, concepts and characters by Bradbury - an elegant tale.

   The second story is by writer Audrey Niffennegger (adapted by the author) with art by Eddie Campbell. It's a sad, subtle story about a daughter and her father on what may be their final trip together - a Bradbury-like story of life, the decisions we make and the impermanence of time.

   I like this series a lot - and anything that honors the master and brings more readers to his work is great in my book.

Grade: A-


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