Monday, December 15, 2014

Lola XOXO #5 (of 6)

   There are quite a few books around that are set in a dystopic future (I suppose a utopian future might be a bit dull), but most of them go for an over-the-top approach - zombies, alien invaders, that sort of thing.

   It's a credit to the Lola XOXO mini-series that it deals with the real world - so you have groups of outlaws using horses, guns and mercenaries to control trade routes.

   Into that setting we throw Lola, a (rare) kind-hearted but tough woman in search of her long-missing parents.

   A virtual prisoner of the Wasteland Trading Company, she finds a secret that may bring her to the end of her quest - but can she save her friends who face slavery (or worse)?

   The art by Siya Oum (who also writes the series) is terrific, with a wonderful classic style and real-world grit about it.

   Aside from the female protagonist, this is a unique series from Aspen and stands apart from the rest of the line. The next issue wraps up the opening storyline - here's hoping Oum can stick the landing.

Grade: B+


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