Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Justice, Inc. #4

   OK, I admit I had to look at the cover twice before I "got" it - the mobster in the front is actually the Avenger in disguise - a slap to the face has revealed his disguise. A surprisingly subtle cover by Alex Ross (who tends to go for the big and blustery instead) - but you should know that this scene appears nowhere inside the issue.

   Anyway, this comic features what seems to be an all-out battle between the three members of Justice, Inc. - Doc Savage, The Shadow and The Avenger - as they face two (or is it three?) of their deadliest opponents - John Sunlight, the Voodoo Master and a mysterious and unidentified third member. (if any)

   But it really isn't much of a fight - it's more of a flight - which is pretty disappointing, since these three heroes should be incredibly formidable (even if they're at the beginning of their respective careers).

   The story by Michael Uslan is all set-up, as it lays the groundwork for the final confrontation. The artwork by Giovanni Timpano is quite good, with strong character designs and clever layouts.

   I'm a mark for these pulp heroes, so I give this series lots of leeway for the occasional issue that's a bit off - but here's hoping the next issue is more on-target for this unlikely trio.

Grade: B



Anonymous said...

I've been disappointed in this series. I liked the premise of the three great pulp heroes teaming up, but I'm not sure that it works. The Shadow spends much time berating the others (the way that Batman "schooled" the JLA) and the conversations going on during the fight scenes!...how Marvel!
And the art is wildly uneven. Some panels just hurt to look at them.

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, I agree - it's tough to combine three characters so distinctly different, but with such driven personalities - perhaps they should use the old JLA/JSA method of breaking into teams. Each main hero could work with the aides of the other. But as much as I like all three characters, so far, this series has just been ok at best.