Monday, December 29, 2014

Doc Savage Special 2014: Woman of Bronze

   As a big fan of the pulp hero Doc Savage, I sometimes make the mistake of picking up publications featuring the Man of Bronze without really looking over the contents.

   Like with this "Special."

   First of all, there's precious little of Doc in this issue - as the title indicates, it actually focuses on Doc's cousin, Pat Savage.

   Which would be fine, if there was an actual story going on here. Instead, Pat is assigned to babysit a young girl, is attacked by kidnappers, there are several fights, she chases them... you can guess the rest.

   The whole purpose of David F. Walker's story seems to be to find a reason for Pat's shirt to get ripped up (a problem her cousin often faces).

   I realize I'm a geezer, but my first thought as artist Kewber Baal offers up some lovely images of Pat's ample cleavage was: didn't women wear bras in the 1930s?

   As a regular issue of Doc's adventures this issue would be tolerable. Padded out into a "Special" issue, weighing in at $7.99 (for 46 pages), it's just not worth the investment.

   Even if you're a big fan (that should say: especially if you're a fan).

Grade: C-



Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Doc Savage and when I saw the solicitation for this book (and other pulp hero books like it) my Spidey Sense warned my this was an overpriced stinker.
Thanks, Chuck, for proving me right and nobly reviewing this misfire so that others won't get stuck with it!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

I was getting the same vibes, Sam, but decided to give it a shot. Taking the bullet for my readers!