Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Invaders #13

   One of the things I really like about The Invaders is its strong connection to the history of the Marvel Universe - and that's a topic writer James Robinson has mastered.

   This issue, for example, starts out as a history lesson of Marvel's first super-team - Freedom's Five, a team of heroes who fought in the first World War.

   The team was mentioned briefly in an issue of the original Invaders comic, as written by series creator Roy Thomas - but here the team is faced with an invasion force unlike any other.

   It's the Martians, marching through London in their tripods and wreaking havoc and destruction - in 1917.

   You might this the team of (more or less) normal humans would be out of their league - and you'd be mostly correct - but that doesn't stop them from fighting back.

   The story also brings us to modern times, and we meet another classic Marvel hero - one who has a lot of experience with alien invaders.

   The art is quite good, being a mix of Barry Kitson, Marc Laming and P. Craig Russell on the flashback sequences, and Mark Laming on the present day art. (I'm not sure if the Lamings are related or if Mark or Marc is misspelled.)

   I like the use of these characters without (much) retrofitting going on, and I like the way the past is having an impact on the future.

   We've been waiting a few years for this storyline to pop up (it was first teased in the resurrection of Captain America), and it promises to have far-reaching affects on Marvel's titles. Maybe.

Grade: A-


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