Thursday, November 6, 2014

Superman Unchained #9

   Finally we trudge across the finish line with the final issue of Superman Unchained.

   I'm not quite sure the reason behind this series. I suppose DC was hoping to capitalize on the Man of Steel movie.

   Or they thought teaming up their hottest writer (Scott Snyder) with their hottest artist (Jim Lee) would produce something memorable.

    It's a logical thought, but the execution is lacking. The art is fantastic, of course - Lee hasn't dropped a step.

   But the story just falls on its face. A gigantic alien invasion threatens, which forces Superman to work with Lex Luthor - but will Luthor's solution mean an end to Supeman?

   The whole invasion (and the solution to the problem) all seem to fly in out of left field, and the solution to the problem would have been worked out If Superman had spent the issue sitting in a recliner at the Fortress of Solitude.

   So, nine issues and lots of 'splosions later, we don't know anything more about Superman and his cast - except that they're all lovely to look at.

Grade: B-


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Anonymous said...

"Trudged." Ha! Sounds about right..