Monday, November 3, 2014

Fantastic Four #12


   After a dozen issues of the Fantastic Four being torn apart by conflict, scandal, legal setbacks and even murder accusations, with this issue we finally get some glimpses of hope.

   It only took us a year of depressing events to get here.

   The first glimmer of hope is in the form of friends, as Johnny Storm's two closest friends finally turn up to help him get his life back on track (that's one of them on the cover).

   And Reed Richards finally starts putting together the pieces that will uncover some more clues about the identity of their opponent (though the twist ending doesn't quite get the job done).

   The art by Leonard Kirk, as always, is excellent, with lots of kinetic energy and strong layouts.

   But the story by James Robinson just keeps faltering. I think he had a good idea for a story here - one that should have covered two or three issues, not more than a dozen.

   I'm looking forward to the wrap-up of this story - and hoping the end of the story doesn't mean the (rumored) end for Marvel's First Family.

Grade: C+


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