Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Batgirl #36

   Don't get me wrong, I like the new version of Batgirl. By setting Barbara Gordon in a college setting, she has a fresh, young approach to her adventures.

   But I'm still not sure exactly how this series fits with the first "New 52" version of the character, which was a continuation of the original version (which is to say, Babs fought crime as Batgirl, then was crippled by the Joker, became the wheelchair-bound Orcacle, and then somehow was healed and returned to her role as Batgirl).

   All of which means she has to be in her mid-20s, right? But the way she's drawn in this series, you'd think she was a teenager. The same for Dinah Lance, who has a small guest-starring role so far.

   And why is Babs having money trouble? This is the woman who set up a secret hideout and a vast computer network. Suddenly she's broke?

   But it's easy to forgive those quirks. As depicted here, Batgirl is very intelligent, funny and likable.

   The threat here is a bit silly, as a couple of thieves run wild with high-powered, experimental motorcycles - and Batgirl must face them without her usual assortment of gadgets. But it's still a lot of fun!

   The story also sets up some mysteries for the future - which, guided by the creative team of writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, and artists Babs Tarr and Stewart (again), holds a lot of promise.

Grade: A-




John said...

I agree. It almost feels like they're trying to capture what made Bryan Miller's Stephanie Brown Batgirl series so great.

Dwayne said...

For me, Batgirl is the biggest mistake of the New 52. Oracle was the most original character in the DCU. A tragedy couldn't stop her. She became more valuable in her chair. A role model for the disabled? Maybe.

However now, she's just one of many in the parade of street fighters. A smart young woman has become a goofy teenager.

Chuck said...

I was always torn - I hated that Barbara was crippled by the Joker, but I loved the creation of Oracle. The best solution for the New 52 would be to create a young (college-age) Batgirl and a new character as Oracle.