Friday, November 21, 2014

Avengers #38

   Ah. An issue with answers is like a blast of fresh air.

   The Avengers continue to count down to the point when "Time Runs Out" (we're down to six months).

   And after months and months of events and buildup, here we take a moment of calm and get some explanations (though there's still plenty of mysteries to be solved, too).

   It all centers around - of all people - Roberto Dacosta, the former New Mutant known as Sunspot, and now also an Avenger.

   He's managed to solve the threat of the super-science organization AIM by the simplest solution possible - he bought the company.

   Now he's gathered together a group of like-minded Avengers to marshal their forces and address the other two Avengers groups that are in conflict - namely, the team led by Steve Rogers, and the Illuminati.

   They're also dealing with the threats posed by SHIELD and the incursions of alternate Earths that threaten total destruction.

   So they have a lot on their plates, but this issue by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Stefano Caselli makes the challenges clear and brings in a surprising new player (who has a jolt of two of his own to reveal).

   I admit, I am loving this series - it's a big story, with nothing less than all of existence riding on the outcome.

   Not for timid fans, but mighty impressive to those willing to tackle the story.

Grade: A-




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