Sunday, October 19, 2014

Uncanny X-Men #27

   I've never been a big fan of all-powerful characters - including the Beyonder and Q (to name the two that immediately come to mind).

   (Do I need to mention that Beyonder was the big bad in the original Secret Wars maxi-series, and Q was practically a regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation?)

   The problem with characters who are too powerful is: you can only stop them by tricking them or reasoning with them. They can only stop themselves.

   So I'm not entirely thrilled to see just such a character introduced in Uncanny X-Men. Matthew Malloy is a mutant whose incredible powers were suppressed by Charles Xavier - and now, his powers running wild, he seems to be a threat to everyone - human and mutant alike.

   The writing by Brian Michael Bendis is sharp as always, and the art by Chris Bachalo is excellent - his storytelling is clear and his layouts are dynamic.

   So basically I'm on the fence here - the story is well executed and has some interesting insights for Cyclops and his recent possession by the Phoenix Force - but I still don't like all-powerful characters.

   We'll see if the ending of this story changes my mind.

Grade: B+


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