Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1

   So what do you think of the 12th incarnation of Doctor Who?

   I've just seen the first few episodes, but so far I like Peter Capaldi a lot - his version of The Doctor definitely feels like a classic approach to the character (fast-talking, funny and smart but with a slightly dark edge), with some interesting character quirks to make the role unique.

   He has big shoes to fill, even if you're just looking at the most recent versions - but I think he's off to a great start.

   Of course, I'm also crazy about Clara (Jenna Coleman), an intelligent, funny and darned attractive companion for the Time Lord.

   This series, too, is off to a great start. The Doctor takes Clara to an Ice Planet - but instead they discover a planet that has been altered into a jungle paradise.

   Or is it paradise? There's a dark menace lurking just below the surface, one that may have surprising ties to the Time Lords.

   The story by Robbie Morrison is sharp, with some interesting twists and turns, and some great dialogue (I love the Doctor's line about couches).
   The art is by Dave Taylor, and it's quite good, with strong likenesses of the main characters (with a couple of minor exceptions) and great environmental designs.

   I especially like the cliffhanger ending, which is so true to the spirit of the series that you'll expect to hear the squeal of the theme song as the episode ends.

   So, lots of fun, highly recommended for any fan of The New Doctor!

Grade: A-


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