Friday, October 10, 2014

Batman #35

   Wow, this comic made the Internet blow up, if just briefly.

   That's because the price on this issue of Batman jumped to $4.99 - and the word got around that the price increase was permanent.

   One Facebook group I follow almost immediately erupted in cries of protest, as one after another, comic fans vowed to drop the title.

   Either the story wasn't true or DC quickly backed down - but the word came down that the price increase was temporary.

   Which begs the question: how much is too much? DC vowed at one point to "Hold the line at $2.99," but any longtime reader can tell you that price increases are part of the hobby.

   Most of Marvel's line has already jumped to $3.99, and DC seems to be following along, as several titles have made the jump.

   For me, every time there's a jump in price, I try to trim down the number of comics I buy. There was a time when I bought almost everything the "Big Two" printed (and lots of Independents besides), but these days I just buy a fraction of the available titles.

   And if the price takes another jump? We're getting close to the point where I won't be picking up enough comics to have one to review every day. And when do the companies reach the breaking point, where they can't sell enough copies to justify the printing costs? I'd hate to think that day is fast approaching, but you certainly have to wonder.

   What was I talking about? Oh, Batman. Nice art as always, the story's mighty thin (it's the old "heroes meet and fight" bit), but it does have a good twist at the end.

   Not sure why they added the extra pages - frankly, the story doesn't justify them or the extra cost.

Grade: B



Kyle said...

Hey Chuck, I have wondered the same thing about when the price will reach the breaking point. I also wonder if we are already there... what is the profit (if any) the comics business itself these days? Or are the comics just IP generators for the movie and TV parent companies for the big 2. And what does this mean for independents? But then again people have been predicting the demise of comics since as long as I remember...


Chuck said...

Kyle, I agree - people keep saying that comics are going to go away (or go digital only), but I still don't see that being a viable alternative. The day might arrive eventually, but I don't think we're there yet. But I don't think the industry can survive many more big price jumps, either. But I think, much more of that sort of thing and the industry will shrink, not completely go away. We'll see!