Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Justice, Inc. #2

   This mash-up of three of the most famous pulp heroes is a bit of an odd mix.

   The story is still being sorted out, but Justice, Inc. features a (somewhat) new origin for The Avenger - one that incorporates The Shadow and Doc Savage.

   We also get some glimpses into the origins of The Shadow, a meeting between Docs past and present, and a quick meeting between a powerful enemy - and Howard Hughes.

   Writer Michael Uslan seems to be having fun working with these icons, and artist Giovanni Timpano is doing a good job capturing the time period (the '30s) and the likenesses of the heroes. His work only suffers in comparison to the amazing cover by Alex Ross.

   Two issues in, and we're still getting the team together - but so far, it's been entertaining to see these different heroes back in action.

Grade: B+


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