Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Damsels in Excess #2

   Occasionally I run into a comic that brings the thought, "This isn't aimed at me."

   That's definitely the case with Damsels in Excess, a fantasy adventure that features five princesses, each representing a different realm - but when an ancient, mystic command calls for the death of one princess, they split apart, and two princesses must run for their lives.

   This definitely seems to be along the lines of the TV show Once Upon a Time, or perhaps Grimm or Sleepy Hollow or one of those fairy tale-based features. (I can't be sure, since I don't watch any of them.)

   There are certainly quite a few comics set in that sort of setting, and they have their own rabid fan bases.

   But I'm not really a member - as much as I enjoyed fantasy, I'm more of a Conan / Game of Thrones / Lord of the Rings kinda guy.

   So if you're into unicorns and magical realms and princesses who are friends and then mortal enemies, this might be the comic for you - but not me.

   As comics legend Don Thompson often said, "If you like that sort of thing, here it is."

Grade: B-


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