Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Avengers #34

   It's been a wild trip, but I've really enjoyed this time-travel story in the Avengers, especially since it's focused largely on Captain America. 

   When he's written well, Cap is one of my favorite Marvel heroes (and it's been fun to see him emerge as such a fan favorite in Chris Evans' film version of the hero).

   (The less said about his current solo comic, the better.)

   This mind-bending story has taken Cap (and a few other Avengers) off to the future, where they've gained some insights into the ongoing threat being faced by the Illuminati - and the possible solutions to the problem.

   But Cap faces a possibly-insurmountable opponent, as he stands alone in the incredibly-distant future.

   It all sets up an major conflict to come, as secrets are revealed and sides are chosen.

   It's part of writer Jonathan Hickman's master plan, and it's shaping up to be a major event - both for the extended Avengers team and for the world.

   This has been a serious, complex story - and while it's not for everyone, it's an amazing, thoughtful and carefully devised work, and well worth sorting out.

Grade: A



Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Not sure I saw the upcoming conflict - Avengers vs. Illuminati - coming, but excited to see where it goes, especially with a new 'bad" team introduced in New Avengers....

Chuck said...

Yeah, I didn't see it coming, either. The resolution of it has to be better than the "Civil War" mini-series.