Monday, August 11, 2014

Original Sin Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #5.3

  When heroes meet, they have to fight - but there’s a different edge to the onesided battle between Thor and Angela, because they don’t realize that they’re brother and sister.

   Or so we assume - it hasn’t quite been revealed in the comic yet, but it’s obvious to the reader.

   Thor and Loki have invaded the Tenth Realm, also known as Heven, which is populated by Angels - warrior women with no sense of right and wrong (in other words, mercenaries without honor).

   The brothers are searching for their sister, which Thor learned about during an event depicted in the Original Sin series.

   The issue is, frankly, pretty slim. The fight is entirely one-sided, Loki plots and has tea with the enemy - the surprise on the last page is the only thing that makes the issue worthwhile.

   The art jumps back and forth between two different art teams (made up of five different artists), and it all feels somewhat rushed - backgrounds are virtually nonexistent.

   It just feels like a slapped-together attempt to cash in on the latest event.

   As I read that sentence again, it seems a bit harsh.

   But accurate, so I’m sticking with it. 

Grade: C+


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