Thursday, August 14, 2014

Original Sin #7 (of 8)

   Yep, that's old Nick Fury on the cover.

   As I've said in past reviews of the Original Sin series, it seems like the entire point of the series (other than generating spinoff series, of course) is to retire the original Nick Fury (that would be the one who's been appearing in Marvel's comics since the early '60s).

   Frankly, I didn't see anything in this issue to change my mind.

   It does give Nick some final moments of glory, as he fights against the Avengers in space. (Why? Please hold silly questions to the end of the post.)

   And yes, even aged (thanks to the fact that the supply of the Infinity formula that kept him young since World War II has run out), Fury is a fighting' fool, and he gets one last chance to strut his stuff before... well, whatever next issue holds.

   We also get to see some of the events that led up to the murder of Uatu the Watcher.

   It's all framed with stunning artwork by Mike Deodato, who combines creative layouts and powerful character deigns into an amazing comic.

   As for the story by Jason Aaron... hey, let's take those questions! Why are the Avengers and Fury fighting? I have no idea!

Grade: B+



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