Thursday, August 21, 2014

Multiversity #1

   Someone (sorry, can't remember who) commented recently, "Thank goodness DC got rid of that confusing Earth-1 and Earth-2  business - and replaced it with 52 alternate Earths."

   But that abundance has created fertile ground for the unique mind of writer Grant Morrison, who has (apparently) been given free rein to craft a free-wheeling mythology in the pages of Multiversity.

   As you'd expect, it's very... different. It begins with the last of the Monitors visiting an Earth on the verge of destruction. Its only hope is a gathering of some of the greatest heroes from across the multiverse, including Superman (but not the one from Earth-1), Captain Carrot and several others.

   They journey to alternate Earths, meet some very familiar (if different) heroes, including certain Marvel alternates (which is only fair, given recent events in the New Avengers).

   It's all fast, furious and sharp as can be. This is a series that will bear re-reading - it's dense with ideas, concepts and gags.

   The art is by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, and it's exceptional - from mammoth cosmic beings to superhero battles to alternate realities, it's all crafted with a strong sense of layout and heroic design.

   This certainly isn't for everyone - it will take multiple readings to catch a lot of the bits carefully built into the story - but especially for longtime or dedicated fans, it's well worth the effort.

Grade: A


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