Sunday, August 10, 2014

Miracleman #9

   Kudos to Marvel for bagging these issues of Miracleman, since the contents are definitely not appropriate for young readers.

   For that matter, I'm not sure I can handle it at my advanced age!

   This issue features the reprint of the birth of Miraclebaby - the child of Mike Moran (as Miracleman) and Mike's wife, Liz.

   Both have managed to escape from the evil Gargunza, but they're in the wilderness, and the baby is ready to arrive - so Miracleman delivers his own child.

   Better him than me - when my sons were born, I stood meekly at my wife's side while the doctor (and my lovely wife, of course) did the real work.

   The comic depicts the birth with clinical accuracy - and it manages to capture the joy, wonder and terror that the process generates.

   It's great that these stories are being made available again - this issue was originally published in 1986, and has never been reprinted (well, until now).

   It's great work by "The Original Writer" (wink wink) and artists Rick Veitch and Rick Bryant, and (unless you're squeamish) is t'll worth tracking down.

Grade: A


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