Friday, August 1, 2014

Justice League #32

   This issue of Justice League reminds me of the hoary comedy routine. It goes something like this:

   Two comics fans are talking.

   "The new issue of Justice League features the return of the Doom Patrol."

   "That's good!"

  "No, it's bad. They're cast as grim and gritty freaks."

   "That's bad."

   "No, it's good that they're back and featuring the original lineup, including The Chief."

   "That's good!"

   "No, it's bad. Instead of being a force for good, The Chief - who's not in a wheelchair, by the way - is a colossal jerk, treating the team like puppets."

   "That's bad."

   "No, it's good that the DP is getting serious treatment - I'd love to see them get their own book."

   "That's good."

   "No, it's bad, because this Doom Patrol has no likable characters, no one who can crack a joke."

   "That's bad."

   "Well, they actually do have one likable character - Element Woman seems to have a heart. But she was never a member of the team until this issue."

   "So you didn't like this issue."

   "There's some good in it - the art is excellent, and we get a good hint about dangers down the road - but the villain, Power Ring, is negligible. Hardly worth the DP and the JL, who are barely supporting characters here (though they at least act like heroes."

   "So is it a good comic or not?"

   "The issue has some good content, and some bad. It's ok. I just wish they'd bring back the original Doom Patrol - the misfits with enough humor to even out their tragic side. Good-hearted heroes overcoming their handicaps. As opposed to jerks and creeps who can't be bothered to rescue a building full of people in trouble. Why so serious, DC?"

Grade: B



Anonymous said...

Great review!!

El Vox said...

My favorite run on the Doom Patrol was the Grant Morrison run. I followed it some after that, but never gained any steam for me. I never read their earlier exploits.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Anon!

El Vox, I loved Morrison's take on the team, too - but even then, the characters were strange but likable (mostly) - though certainly the Chief came to a bad ending in that series.