Saturday, August 30, 2014

Groo vs. Conan #2 (of 4)

   Wait, there's a second issue of Groo vs. Conan?

   I thought surely one of these characters would have killed the other by now.

   Instead, the most improbable crossover since the Punisher met Archie continues - and, it should come as no surprise, it's actually a lot of fun.

   The entire story is spinning out as a drug-and-injury-induced dream (honest) on the part of writer and artist Sergio Aragones, with writer Mark Evanier contributing... something or other.

   Which is as good a way as any of bringing together fiction's greatest barbarian and fiction's funniest barbarian.

   It's all silly, improbable and darned entertaining. The story finally veers into Rashomon territory, and provides a shocking ending that you won't see coming.

   Great art and a surprising story, lots of laughs - what more do you want? If that's not enough, all I can say is: gee, you're hard to please.

Grade: A-



El Vox said...

I thought Mark wrote these issues and Aragones drew & perhaps collaborated on the stories, though Mark did the scripts.

Chuck said...

El Vox, it's been a long-running gag by Evanier that he doesn't know what he does on Groo and he never gets paid anyway. Presumably, he actually co-plots and scripts the stories, but who knows? And I suspect he does get some money out of the deal. ;-)