Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Executive Assistant Iris #5 (of 5)

   You'd think the bad guys would learn not to mess with the Executive Assistants - especially since it's an organization composed of the world's deadliest fighters.

   But then we wouldn't have a good excuse for a "revenge flick" finale for the ongoing story starring one of the most gifted fighters in the organization - Iris.

   Having rescued a girl named Cherry from her murderous father (Shao), the Assistants realize they face a war - so they take the fight to the enemy.

   Which means the entire issue is given over to a pretty straightforward battle royal, with lots of death and destruction.

   It's a satisfying wrap-up to the story, if a bit too straightforward to be exceptional. But like any revenge flick, it's all in good fun.

Grade: B


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