Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Batman '66 Green Hornet #2 (of 6)

   This series that teams up the '60s TV heroes Batman and Green Hornet (not to mention Robin and Kato) continues to hit all the right notes as it evokes its campy source material.

   The, uh, fantastic foursome starts the issue in the grip of a deathtrap (each continued episode of the TV show ended on a cliffhanger, with the heroes in a fiendish trap).

   As seen on that amazing Alex Ross cover, General Gumm (a relative of Paste-Pot Pete, perhaps?) has glued them to the top of a speeding train - and there's a tunnel up ahead!

   The trick to this team-up is the conceit that the Hornet is a crime lord (the better to infiltrate the underworld, it says here), so the story must find ways to team them up while keeping them at odds with each other.

   They manage the balance in this issue, while adding in a welcome new baddie, and just enough silliness to maintain the format.

   This series isn't for everyone - those who hate the original series certainly won't be interested.

   But for those, like me, who enjoyed the show, this is a fun throwback to the days when heroes could have fun, and grim and gritty was a long way off.

Grade: B+


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