Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bad Times: Book One: Cannibal Gold

   I’ve long been a fan of Chuck Dixon's work in comics - he's written approximately a million comics (only a slight exaggeration),  including character such as Batman, Nightwing, the Punisher and Airboy, to name just a few.

   So I was anxious to check out his newest series of novels, Bad Times

   It’s a rip-roaring love letter to science fiction, the military and blood-and-guts pulp adventures, all rolled into a fast-paced novel. 

   It tells the story of a secretive group of scientists who invent a sort of Time Tunnel (how I loved that TV show), but when their first exploration team goes missing, they hire a group of ex-Rangers to try a rescue. 

   What they find is a mind-boggling, overwhelming menace that will challenge their skills and their instinct for survival. 

   It’s one of those books that ends far too quickly (thank goodness the second volume is already available). 

   I won’t be surprised to hear that a canny film director - or videogame producer - or comics publisher - has snapped this up. 

   A bloody good time!

Grade: A


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Anonymous said...

I just finished the first book as well, and can't wait to dive into the second! BAD TIMES is everything you say it is, written by a thorough professional who grabs you on the first page, keeps you in his hold while putting you through the wringer, and then, when the roller coaster ride is over...you can't wait for more!

Sam Kujava