Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Classics - Dark Horse Presents #5

   As Dark Horse Comics first got underway in the mid-'80s, one of its most interesting titles was a rarity in comics - an anthology series.

   Dark Horse Presents was also the original home for one of the best comic creations from that decade - Concrete.

   Created by writer / artist Paul Chadwick, it chronicled stories about a mysterious figure who seemed to be a Thing-like creature made of concrete - but with an entirely different personality, appearing in stories that were more along the line of Will Eisner than Lee / Kirby.

   They're a rare example of a well-done series that brings a superhero concept into the real world. Many stories barely included Concrete at all - this issue's short story focuses on a painter who's obsessed with Concrete, for example.

   They're wonderful little graphic gems. The character was about to receive his own series, but all his stories are highly recommended.

    This issue also includes two other fine stories: Roma, an offbeat and sexy story by the gifted John Workman; and Trekker, a futuristic science fiction story featuring great action sequences and some outstanding art by Ron Randall.

    The series was a great way for Dark Horse to try out new concepts, sending the most promising out to find new life in their own titles - and it helped put the new company on the map.

Grade: A-


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