Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Comics Today

   A monster week for me, as I had three weeks worth of comics to gather up! 

   Of the new issues this week, I picked up:

- New Avengers #20 - When worlds collide!

- New Avengers Annual #1 - (Dr.) Strange Tales!

- Batman #32 - Endgame (almost).

King Conan #5 - Ready for the final battle.

- Fantastic Four #6 - All hands against me.

- Flash #32 - A surreal opponent.

- Guardians of the Galaxy #16 - Fighting the odds.

- Savage Hulk #6 - Ah, the good old days - and Alan Davis!

- Justice League #31 - The new Power Ring.

- Saga #20 - Shocking turns!

- Serenity #6 - The finale (for now).

- Superman #32 - Enter Romita, Jr.

- Tomb Raider #5 - Return to the island.

   And that's it!


John said...

How is Justice League these days?

Billy Hogan said...

Glad to see you're picking up the Superman title! I'll be picking up my copy Saturday. I hope you enjoy the story. I'm looking forward to John Romita, Jr. drawing the Man Of Steel!

Chuck said...

John, the JL has been a bit up-and-down lately. I'll review the latest issue on Friday.

Billy, I'm looking forward to the new team on Superman. Here's hoping it works!