Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy #16

   The Guardians of the Galaxy comic has been trundling along, getting mixed up in other bits of business (like the X-Men crossover, "The Trial of Jean Grey"), but the latest storyline is finally getting around to an important bit of business - namely, focusing on the individual members of the team.

   Speaking for myself, I'm not too familiar with the current versions of these characters (although I was there when most of them got started), and they've changed quite a bit over the years.

   Star-Lord, for example, has been through lots of changes - from serious space hero to space opera to light-heated cosmic hero - but if you've been reading this title, information about him has been slim.

   Same for Drax and Gamora (both of whom were created by Jim Starlin in his Captain Marvel and Warlock days), Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Angela. (I still don't know why Venom is now in this comic.)

   This story has the members of the team separated and literally fighting for their lives against a crazed assortment of alien menaces - some familiar, some not so much.

   You get the sense the writer Brian Michael Bendis is bringing the threads together just in time for the film being released in August. No doubt that'll bring some new readers in, and hopefully the creative team will have its ship in order by then.

   The art is by Nick Bradshaw, David Marquez and Jason Masters, and it's very good, with a unique look to the alien environments, and strong heroic designs for the team.

   This might be a tough issue for new readers to jump on board with - we're in the middle a lots of crazy events here - but it's fun to see each character get some moments at center stage.

   And the better we know them, the better the chance that we'll actually like them.

Grade: B+


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