Friday, May 16, 2014

Superman Wonder Woman #8

   So here's another one of those stories that weaves through several different titles until it wraps up... somewhere.

   That trick rarely works on me (though I've fallen for it a time or two) - and this is another instance where I only bought the issue that happens to fall in a series I already buy.

   So for the "Superman: Doomed" series, this issue of Superman Wonder Woman is it for me.

   It picks up right after a battle between the Man of Steel and the hulkish monster Doomsday, fought in Smallville. At the end of the fight, Superman was apparently exposed to strange spores - and he then disappeared.

   This issue focuses on Wonder Woman's efforts to find him - much of it while disguised as Diana Prince, which is a fun throwback idea for those of us who have been reading for a while.

   It brings her into contact with Superman's supporting cast - his co-workers - and offers some clever insight on their relations with Clark Kent.

   It's a good issue, written by Charles Soule and featuring some powerful art by Tony Daniel, Matt Banning and Sandu Florea, and it works well as a stand-alone issue, though it does provide plot elements to feed into the next chapter in Superman #31.

   But to be honest, I don't feel driven to pick up that issue, or any of the others in this series. Let me know if I missed anything.

Grade: A-



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