Thursday, May 8, 2014

Original Sin #1 (of 8)

   Time for a new event!

   In Original Sin we get a cosmic murder mystery as the issue starts with the murder of The Watcher (without so much as a "Thanks for your 53 years of service!").

   Ordinarily that's a spoiler I wouldn't give away, but the cover kinda ruins it for us.

   Aside from the grisly death, the issue actually shapes up like a classic issue of the Justice League, as an odd gathering of heroes split into teams and head to different locations (Why? No idea).

   They're trying (I presume) to uncover the identity of the murderer, and there are other mysterious events taking place.

   And I'm thrilled to see the return of the real Nick Fury (nothing against the Samuel Jackson version of Fury, but I've been reading the original since the '60s, so he's "my" Nick).

   My fear, of course, is that they'll use this mini-series to kill off the original Nick (hey, they just killed the Watcher, didn't they? Both characters have been around the some length of time, after all).

   I hate it, but they never ask me about these things first, so what can you expect. Hopefully I'm wrong!

   You know, it occurs to me that Marvel doesn't really have a super-hero detective like Batman - or am I forgetting someone?

   The art by Mike Deodato is wonderful, with amazing textures, environments and powerful character designs.  The story by Jason Aaron, on the other hand, is still developing.

   This issue is all about setting up the teams, putting the characters in place and amping up the mystery. It does all those things well - but I still fear the outcome. We'll see.

Grade: A-


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