Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Comic Book Day

   Yesterday I finally got to the comics shop and picked up a huge stack of Free Comics (mor on that soon) - today I went back and picked these up:
- Aquaman and the Others #2 - Freefall! (Isn't that the X-Men's shtick?) 
- Cyclops #1 - This is the young Cyclops who has time-traveled to the present where he meets his space-faring father, who he thought was dead. You can't make this stuff up.

- Future's End #1 - Adventures in the near (New 52)  future.
- Iron Fist #2 - You can't go home again.
- Loki #4 - Swashbuckling.
- Miracleman #5 - Bagged for your protection (in other words, controversial stuff inside).
- Original Sin #1 - The Watcher is dead - for now.
- Real Heroes #2 - They were fake heroes last issue. Now...
- She-Hulk #4 - Calling Dr. Doom to the witness stand. Good luck with that.
  And I got an Eyeball! Well, it's a ball that looks like an eye. (It's some kind of promotion tied into Original Sin - I guess the Watcher doesn't need his all-seeing eyes anymore...)

   And that's it!

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