Monday, May 26, 2014

Lola xoxo #2

   The newest title from Aspen Comics centers around a classic concept: a dystopian future.

   The first issue introduced us to Lola, a young girl who is separated from her parents when something terrible happens (we see an atomic blast on a newscast, but we don't really know what's behind the devastation).

   The story then skips ahead a few years. Lola has become a beautiful young woman, and the men who have raised and protected her also taught her to protect herself.

   Which is good, because the world is filled with frightening, "Mad Max"-like assortments of thieves, opportunists, jerks and a few decent individuals.

   Lola has spent her life vowing to track down her parents, and she finally decides to take a horse and start searching - but is she ready for the dangers that she'll face?

   The story and art are by Siya Oum, and so far we're still getting the lay of the land - the different factions that make up what's left of society, what people have to do to survive - that sort of thing. Lola is still largely a mystery, but we're learning more about her with each issue.

   The art is very good - and quite unique. I don't know that I've seen another style like Oum's. It has some impressive illustrative flourishes throughout, though a few pages are a bit too dark. Still, it's impressive work, and Oum bears watching.

   So it's a solid second issue, but still a lot of ground to cover to sort out why civilization crashed - and just how Lola is going to survive.

Grade: B


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